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As part of the Tennessee Crossroads team, I am often responsible for answering a variety of questions about our show. For the most part these questions can be divided into two categories: questions relating to how one might go about watching, or rewatching, a particular Crossroads episode or segment, or requests for travel or entertainment suggestions. There is no way to count or re-air all the places we’ve been to over time — we have, after all, been on the air for 24 years — but there is an easy way to go back and revisit at least a few of them. In the past, several weekly Crossroads segments were chosen each month to be placed on our website.

Recently, we have begun placing many more of our segments on a dedicated Tennessee Crossroads YouTube channel for you to view all year round. You can go back and revisit, or see for the first time, various people and places shown here on Crossroads. You can also embed your favorite segments on your website, blog, Facebook page and in your email. Check it out at

Navigating TNCrossroadsTV on YouTube is simple. If you have a specific episode you would like to watch, or rewatch, simply type in the title (e.g., “Sweet 16th Bakery” or “Family Wash”) or generic term (e.g. “museum”) in the channel’s search bar and hit enter. If you just want to see what’s available, you can scroll through all the uploads by using the scroll bar on the far right of your screen. Sharing your favorite Crossroads videos is simple as well. Once you’ve selected your video, click on the word “Share” located immediately underneath the play bar. To share on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Blogger, simply click on the corresponding social networking tool and those sites will take care of the rest. If you prefer to copy and past the video’s url, that can be found here as well.

While we’ve only been posting videos on YouTube for about a year, our website at makes it possible for you to search all our segments since January 2004. You won’t be able to watch the segments, but you can search for all the attractions and restaurants and artists we’ve featured by town name, topic (e.g., pottery) and date. Simply go to and enter your search term in the upper right hand corner “search” box. One day, we hope to have everything organized by area of the state so that you can plan road trip detours, but in the meantime, we hope this makes things a bit easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Happy travels!

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Love, love, love Tennessee Crossroads and Volunteer Gardener. It is the reason I pledge every year. Keep up the great work!!!!

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