When ‘Antiques Roadshow’ came to Nashville

Antiques Roadshow Production Tour 2022 NPT Team Bade and Hat

When the Antiques Roadshow crew rolled into Nashville for the May 10, 2022, production tour stop at Cheekwood, it was the first time the show had been here since 1997. Back then, the show was filming for its second season — that was even before longtime producer Marsha Bemko took the helm. This latest visit will yield three episodes for the 27th season that will air between January and June 2023. (The air dates will be announced this fall; stay tuned!)

This latest Nashville taping marked Antiques Roadshow’s return to full-scale filming on a fully open set for the first time in three years. Pandemic protocols were still in place in that all attendees, talent and volunteers were required to show proof of COVID vaccination and/or negative COVID test results in order to gain entry.

Tickets to the Nashville were obtained in a few ways. A ticket lottery received 11,523 entries for the 1,800 pairs of free tickets. In addition, supporters of NPT received tickets as thank-you gifts with donations to the station. An additional 400 tickets were made available to NPT for community outreach and diversity and inclusion efforts.

The Nashville production effort involved a 55-member Antiques Roadshow team, 125 volunteers from the Nashville area, about half of NPT’s staff working at the event, and 25 local production crew members hired locally. Metro Nashville police officers were also on-site to provide security.

Of course, the event also involved the familiar and beloved Antiques Roadshow appraisers sharing their knowledge with attendees. Around 70 appraisers drawn from the show’s pool of 150 are at each production event. Those in attendance in Nashville included locals Linda Dyer (tribal arts) and Tim Prince (arms and militaria) as well Nicholas Lowry (prints & posters), Noel Barrett (toys) and Arlie Sulka (glass). See full list.

By the way, if you were intrigued by Cheekwood, the venue for Antiques Roadshow’s Nashville taping, watch NPT’s original documentary Cheekwood: A Masterpiece by Man and Nature.

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I had applied to bring an item because I was previously selected for Nashville and COVID caused cancellation. I never heard one way or another when I reapplied when Nashville was in this year’s lineup. In view of a thank you email I received for attending I sure hope I didn’t miss an email saying I was selected again. Could you PLEASE check and advise. Thank you.

Antiques Roadshow emailed winners (and only winners) of the ticket sweepstakes as specified on the ticketing page https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/tickets/. We’re sorry you were not selected. The email you received today acknowledged you may not have attended the event and was sent to anyone who applied to the ticket lottery and opted-in to future correspondence from the local station. Again, we’re sorry you did not win tickets to the event.

I won tickets to this event. But, when I read the absurdly asinine COVID restrictions and requirements, I chose to not go.
You had NO right to implement such onerous restrictions, especially since ALL COVID restrictions had been lifted by the TSA, all airports and all airlines and public transport. AND Tennesse had also lifted all restrictions.

Antiques Roadshow has COVID protocols in place – as do traveling Broadway shows, concert performers, etc. – in order to keep their crew, appraisers, etc. safe as they travel to different areas around the country. We’re sorry you couldn’t attend; many others chose to.

Yes, they did have the rightand it wasn’t onerous. It was much appreciated by me and many others in attendance at the Nashville taping. It took into account the frail health of some of us selected to attend. Thanks NPR Boston and Nashville – a glorious day and an incredible venue in a safe environment. – Kenneth Mullinax/Alabama ⚜🌞⚜

The only protocol was to provide your vaccination card or a test stating you didn’t have covid. How is that absurdly asinine? We didn’t have to wear masks or anything . The entire event was outside and very nicely organized!

One of my items was chosen for filming! I couldn’t be more excited about the experience. Thanks for everything you folks did to make it such an enjoyable event.

I never received any information whether I had been picked to attend the Nashville show. I was so disappointed with Antique Roadshow.

i just got a email thanking me 4 attending. never received tickets nor did i attend i am 79 and dont have dementia.

We’re sorry for the confusion. We were under the impression you applied to the ticket lottery and thus might still be interested in watching the Nashville episodes, etc. (the email acknowledged that some recipients may not have attended the event).

How much did one have to contribute to NPT in order to receive tickets as a thank you? If you had made that option known it would have boosted the giving.

Oh, we made that option known through an on-air pledge event and mentions in our weekly enewsletter and social media – back when the event was originally scheduled in 2020 (people with tickets to the earlier event had the option of holding on to tickets) and again this year once the rescheduled date was announced. We’re sorry you missed all of that.

I was never notified either way about tickets. Usually people are notified that they won tickets or didn’t win.

I had a blast volunteering at the Feedback Booth, and got to see a lot of cool stuff. I won’t say what I saw as I don’t want to ruin the episodes for anyone, but you’re gonna love it. So much better at open-air Cheekwood rather than a convention venue. Many people commented it seemed more like the British version as a result. Well done PBS and NPT!

Yes, open-air seems much nicer! Glad you had a good time and thanks for helping out!

I won 2 tickets for the Roadshow. I came to Nashville from Bellevue, Ky. with my daughter. Cheekwood was fabulous. We had a wonderful time. Everyone was so nice to us. thank you so much.

It was a beautiful day! Our only disappointment was the people that brought items using either a dolly or wagon even though it was clearly stated in the instructions that both were NOT allowed. I followed the rules and left a item at home because I would have needed a dolly. Why have rules if they aren’t adhered too? Other than that, it was an exciting amazing day!

I was selected and attended the Nashville appraisal. It was a gloriously beautiful day in a fairytale setting with all of my favorite appraisers on site and the entire staff and local volunteers being kind and generous to a “tourist” like me. Per chance, I was treated by the producers and appraisers with kindness and grace – thanks especially to TV talent Martin B., Lee D. and Kevin Z. for your erudite insight and diplomatic skills. I WAS FILMED for an item and hope it ends up on air – with Lee Dunbar – THE Roadshow’s sports guru. Perfectly executed in all respects. — Pro Bono Publico!

I am glad that I was able to help with the latest Antiques Roadshow event at Nashville. It was amazing! I would volunteer to help again, if the Roadshow ever returns to the area. It was a well coordinated event.

This was my 5th AR! I have attended NYC, Charleston,SC, Orlando,FL & San Antonio,TX. We are avid collectors, and enjoy British & US AR. Thanks for the opportunity to meet informed appraisers, in a fun and well organized setting.

Perhaps some of the people like me got an invitation in their junk mail folder and therefore missed it or like me almost missed it. This isn’t Antiques Roadshow’s fault. In any case, I had a wonderful time! The setting was so beautiful, the weather was great and everyone was so nice. I asked Nicholas Lowry if he’d take a photo with me and my friend and he so kindly obliged.

Every single detail of the Nashville event was beautifully planned out and executed. Even the weather was lovely. Thanks to all staff involved in pulling off such a perfect day. I was filmed in the NPT tent and wonder when it’ll be aired if it will— and if so, on social media or on live tv? PBS or PBS kids since I talked about being a mom and loving the kid programming? I’d love to see!! Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed the event! We have various plans for the footage gathered in the NPT tent – stay tuned!

I was picked as one of the ticket winners. We came to Nashville from New Jersey and it was a wonderful day! Thank you for PBS!

First let me say i am truly happy that you all had a beautiful day/event in Nashville! Perhaps we will actually be able to get back to some type of normalcy. That being said ~After reading through the comments and replies, it seems as though perhaps an email Should be sent even to those who weren’t selected for tickets. This forum gives AR the appearance of being “clique-y” & slightly rude to those already disappointed. Kind of turns me off to AR.

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