A Statement from NPT President and CEO Beth Curley

Dear Friend of NPT:

You may have heard about the president’s FY 2018 budget proposing the elimination of federal funding for the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, among other things. Even with the important contributions of viewers and supporters, there is no viable replacement for federal funding of the CPB – it is essential for our nation’s and our region’s public media stations.

Public media is one of America’s best investments. Currently, the cost of public media to American taxpayers is just $1.35 per person, per year. From that small per-person contribution, your public media stations do great things, including providing enriching and informative programming for all ages, especially series focusing on early-childhood education.

Here at NPT, we also produce high-quality original programming highlighting important issues and aspects of our Middle Tennessee community (our Aging Matters series of documentaries, for example). We also provide a number of services to our community, ranging from free literacy workshops for children and their families to free movie screenings and discussions.

I know many of you want to know how you can show your support for continued federal funding of public media. You’ll find suggestions at the Protect My Public Media website (http://protectmypublicmedia.org).

Please remember the announcement of this FY2018 budget is just the first step in a long process. Rest assured that NPT will continue to do what we do best: providing quality, informative programming that you have come to trust and appreciate.

Beth Curley
President and CEO
Nashville Public Television

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Please do not stop funding Public Television. I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood and Seamen Street and many other wonderful programs. I raised my four children on these shows and my grandchildren watch these programs. My husband enjoys The Woodsmith Shop and others like it. We watch documentaries and enjoy all that is offered. These tv programs are still free and for many people, are the only ones they get to see.

I watch Masterpiece Theatre but PBS and NPR doesn’t offer programs for the conservative thinking audience. I will do everything I can to support the President in unfunding public television. Public television stopped caring about the type of programming your conservative audience likes a long time ago. You have become like all the other syndicated media, it is all slanted to the left and insulting to the moderate and conservatives. The reason President Trump is the President is because the middle of the country is sick of having the liberal agenda forced on us. The same people who voted for Trump will support his efforts to bring America back from the nanny state mentality. If public tv cannot make it on its own it should go off the air.

What a bunch of nonsense..take your politics elsewhere..you are saying nothing…typical right wing nonsense “nanny stat mentality.” If you are so offended b/c your politics are so sacred, I would go back to watching the trash on Fox News..

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