`ArtQuest` Series Offers 18 Episodes About the Art All Around You


As we announced back in October, NPT and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts have partnered for “ArtQuest: Art is All Around You,” a series of short broadcast segments that encourages 7-9 year olds to learn about and create art. The videos air during the kid’s schedule on NPT between 4-6pm. Launched with three episodes at the time, the series now includes 18 episodes focusing on a wide range of art and arts education ideas. Hosted by Dajiah Platt and Joseph Lopez, the series was produced and written by Linda Wei and edited by Matt Emigh at NPT. The series’ education curriculum was developed with The Frist Center’s education department staff— Samantha Andrews and Anne Henderson — including Keri Jhaveri, Anne Taylor, Shaun Giles, Rosemary Brunton and Andrea Steele.

We’ve started placing the episodes up on our NPT Arts YouTube channel, but we’ve embedded a few here to get you and your children started. Have fun!

For more activities, lesson plans and to share the art around YOU, visit www.fristkids.org. ArtQuest on NPT is made possible by the generous support of The Frist Foundation.






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