Tennessee Crossroads Thanksgiving Day Viewer`s Choice Marathon

Tennessee Crossroads & Turkeys!

As I have previously noted in another post, as part of the Tennessee Crossroads team, I am often responsible for answering a variety of questions about our show. I can’t count the number of times I have received emails and phone calls asking when we are going to be re-airing a particular Tennessee Crossroads episode. Everyone has their favorite. This Thanksgiving, NPT will celebrate those favorites with a 15-hour Tennessee Crossroads Marathon across both our channels (NPT & NPT2). We here at Tennessee Crossroads could probably pick all the episodes ourselves (we have already had some rousing discussions on possible programs) but ultimately, we want to make sure we air episodes that YOU want to see again. If I had my say, we’d re-air all the places we’ve ever done about chocolate and cupcakes. I like to know where I can get those staples wherever I’m traveling. But I also understand that you may want to see something else. If we have done a story on your neighbor’s artistic abilities, or the local cupcake store down the street, your church’s Apple Butter Festival or even your own personal business, don’t feel shy about telling us that you want to see it again. My feelings won’t be hurt (too much) if you choose to go a different route then all things sugary.

If you have any stories or episodes you want us to re-air during the marathon, email them to me at crossroads@wnpt.net or send me a note on the Tennessee Crossroads Facebook page. Who knows, you might be sitting on the couch with family and friends after your Thanksgiving meal and get to point toward the TV and say, “that was my suggestion!”

In the meantime, you can check out some of my favorite segments in the videos below!

Happy Travels!


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