April is National Poetry Month

Walt Whitman

The USA Today reminds us that ” ‘April may be the “cruellest month,’ as T.S. Eliot wrote in the opening line of The Waste Land. But it’s also National Poetry Month.”

Poetry will be celebrated in many ways throughout the nation, including in print, online and on air. PBS will launch a new poetry site on April 1 and AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Walt Whitman comes to NPT and PBS stations nationwide on April 14.

Here’s a short one from Walt.

No Labor-Saving Machine

No labor-saving machine,
Nor discovery have I made,
Nor will I be able to leave behind me any wealthy bequest to found
hospital or library,
Nor reminiscence of any deed of courage for America,
Nor literary success nor intellect; nor book for the book-shelf,
But a few carols vibrating through the air I leave,
For comrades and lovers.

Thanks to the Poetry in Public Domain web site.

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