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IS INEQUALITY MAKING US SICK? In Sickness and in Wealth

The Tennessean‘s Dwight Lewis writes about the upcoming four-part PBS documentary UNNATURAL CAUSES: IS INEQUALITY MAKING US SICK? In Sickness and in Wealth, on NPT-Channel 8 starting this Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. Central.

UNNATURAL CAUSES looks at what’s making us sick in the first place, investigating startling new findings that suggest there is much more to poor health than bad habits, inadequate health care or unlucky genes. The series circles in on a slow killer in plain view: the social circumstances in which we are born, live and work that can affect our risk for disease as surely as germs and viruses.

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Sirs, I watched the first segment of “UNNATERAL CAUSES: IS INEQUALITY MAKING US SICK” which is possibly the most biased so-called documentary I have ever seen and with the MOST tranparent agenda I think I have ever seen. So the conclusion is going to be: if we take away all that “ill-gotten” money from those capitalists(pigs)rich folks and give it to those poor downtrodden poverty striken low income people who are so exemplary in their lives otherwise then we will equalize health in this country! With respect BALONEY! Those poor people are so because of CHOICES they make everyday like not working very hard, taking drugs, drinking too much, breaking the law and on and on! If you give away all the money of the those who have suceeded in CAPITAL FORMATION(savings)there will be no jobs and no health care for anyone! This is nothing but socialism on the march and will lead to the terrible socialist health care they have the UK, Canada and France! Canadians buy American health insurance and when thier often failing health care system fails they come to the USA to get well! I pay taxes to see this nonsense?

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