Growing Up Online

Over at Remotely Connected, Anastasia Goodstein, founder of, blogs about last night’s Frontline episode “Growing Up Online.” While she concludes that the program “succeeds at putting real faces on the sensational headlines we read about this generation growing up online,” she also feels there are things missing.

“What I felt was missing from the documentary were the teens who are close to their parents and share pieces of their online lives with them, whether it’s what they write on their blog or even playing a video game together. I wanted to see more reporting on what’s happening with technology in schools to put the two teachers at the New Jersey high school in a more macro context as well as more on how the internet has opened up new educational opportunities (beyond just cheating with Sparknotes). I also wanted to see some positive examples of how teens are using the internet to create social change, show off their creativity or launch their own businesses. Missing, too, was how teens can also find healthy support and resources online – not just pro-ana or pro-suicide sites.”

Read Goodstein’s complete blog at Remotely Connected.

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