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NPT Produces New ‘Champions’ Spots for American Graduate Day, Sept. 17

Published on September 8, 2016 By MiChelle Jones

The fifth annual American Graduate Day is Saturday, Sept. 17, and will feature a live block of programming hosted by journalist Soledad O’Brien with news segments, performances, interviews and mini-documentaries. NPT is an active participant in the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen public media initiative and as such regularly creates documentaries and short video […]

NPT’s Linda Wei receives prestigious public broadcasting fellowship

Published on December 17, 2015 By MiChelle Jones

We are very pleased to announce that NPT producer Linda Wei has been named one of eight inaugural Next General Leadership (NGL) Senior Editorial Fellows by the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. The new professional development initiative is supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and designed to help expand diversity among senior and executive […]

How do you holiday? Here’s how we do it at NPT

Published on December 5, 2015 By MiChelle Jones

Let’s face it: The holiday season unleashes some of the worst of everything, from cheesy renditions of holiday songs to marathons of movies involving curiously high numbers of adults who (SPOILER ALERT) still believe in Santa. But we do things differently here at NPT. We’ve spiked our schedule with enough holiday programming to lift your […]

(Media Update) What If `Davidson County`s Youngest Murderer` Had Been `Interrupted?`

Published on February 14, 2012 By Joe Pagetta

By Molly Secours When I first met Terrence he was 16 years old and had already been living in a Nashville Juvenile prison for four years. Arrested at 12 years old for fatally shooting a 40-year old man during a ‘drug deal gone bad,’ Terrence had the dubious honor of being dubbed ‘Davidson County’s youngest […]

Frontline Makes Rough Cut of Obama`s War Available Online

Published on October 9, 2009 By Joe Pagetta

As President Obama approaches a decision point on Afghanistan strategy and whether to increase troop levels, FRONTLINE has made a 24-minute rough cut of the first act of Obama’s War, scheduled to premiere Tuesday, October 13 on NPT and PBS stations nationwide at 8:00 p.m. Central. The 24-minute rough cut of the first act of […]

Make The Choice Online

Published on October 15, 2008 By Joe Pagetta

If you missed the premiere of the THE CHOICE 2008 last night, the two-hour program examining the rich personal and political biographies of John McCain and Barack Obama, you can now watch it in its entirety for free on the PBS Frontline web site. The 20th anniversary broadcast of “The Choice” goes behind the headlines […]

Frontline Looks at the Storm Over Everest

Published on May 12, 2008 By Joe Pagetta

It was the worst climbing tragedy in Mount Everest’s History. As darkness fell on May 10, 1996, a fast-moving storm of unimaginable ferocity trapped three climbing teams high on the slopes of Mount Everest. The climbers, exhausted from their summit climb, were soon lost in darkness, in a fierce blizzard, far from the safety of […]


Published on January 23, 2008 By Joe Pagetta

Over at Remotely Connected, Anastasia Goodstein, founder of ypulse.com, blogs about last night’s Frontline episode “Growing Up Online.” While she concludes that the program “succeeds at putting real faces on the sensational headlines we read about this generation growing up online,” she also feels there are things missing. “What I felt was missing from the […]


Published on January 2, 2008 By Joe Pagetta

This will be good: