‘Call the Midwife’ Recap: Season 13, Episode 6

Call the Midwife Epsidode 6 Season 13

I appreciate that Call the Midwife has added student characters to the show, because not so very long ago I was a midwifery student myself. And because one of the best and most rewarding parts of my current job is precepting midwifery students. This week’s episode begins just prior to the students’ final exams and boy do I remember the mountain of studying prior to sitting my own Board exam!

It was interesting to see that the Nonnatus trainees’ final exams included an oral component, and I wonder if this tradition has continued for present-day midwifery students in the UK. At first this seemed to me wildly intimidating, and I can appreciate student midwife Rosalind’s anxiety. But upon further reflection, being able to successfully talk through your decision-making and plan of care (and defend it!) seems much more indicative of your understanding of midwifery principles and knowledge than correctly answering multiple-choice questions.

While preparing for her finals, Rosalind also helps care for Deirdre, a pregnant young Irish mother fleeing an abusive relationship. Destitute, Deirdre has been forced to do the unthinkable – leave her two children in a church in the hope they will be found and cared for. I have always been a big softie, but especially since having my son, I find myself super sensitive to storylines like this.

Deirdre’s tearful concern that her boys may forget her and then subsequently fear her if returned to her custody was such a piercing moment. I still struggle with dropping my baby off at daycare (one we love that is staffed with wonderful teachers!), so my heart breaks that Deirdre was driven to such an extreme decision.

Deirdre receives a brighter end with the help of Cyril, including access to housing and support while she cares for her new baby. This is wonderful, but I also think about women everywhere who also want the best for their kids but aren’t lucky enough to receive this type of support.

And alas! Poor Trixie has finally discovered Matthew’s crippling financial mess. But true to form, after a period of shock she meets this challenge with strength and determination to keep moving forward. As a member of #TeamTrixie since 2012, I just want her to have the happy ending she deserves!

Una Sammon Vanderbilt Nurse Practitioner

Una Sammon, CNM, has been a practicing certified nurse-midwife since 2019. She attends births at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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I am new to your blog and I commend you for these comments. We have been fans of “Call The Midwife” from its beginning. As the father of an adopted daughter I can understand the heart and the hurt of a mother letting a child go because she was doing her best for the child. Sadly I must confess that decision has not always worked best from our end! But, a love was ignited in my heart that has never waned.
We also want the best for Trixie and commend her for her tenacity for her husband and their marriage.
God bless you! I will endeavor to connect with your blog again!


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