NPT hosts cowboy culture event featuring Dom Flemons, Aug. 11, in Studio A

Iconic America Screening w/Dom Flemons

Friday, Aug. 11, at 7 p.m., NPT and host Dom Flemons present Unsung American Cowboy, an exploration of the diverse origins of cowboy culture and Nashville’s role in perpetuating a particular view of the archetype. The evening will take place in NPT’s Studio A and will include a performance by Flemons — founding member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops and whose rendition of “Wagon Wheel” became a sensation — and clips from PBS’ Iconic America series. Flemons will lead a panel featuring Western wear couturier Manuel Cuevas, Riders in the Sky co-founder Ranger Doug Green, UT Knoxville history professor emerita Dr. Cynthia Griggs Fleming, and Texas cowboy songster Andy Hedges fresh from his Grand Ole Opry debut the night before.

This event is FREE, but registration is required. Refreshments will be served.

Support for this local community program was provided by WETA.

In the Iconic America series, David Rubenstein examines the history of America through some of its most iconic objects, symbols, and artifacts, diving deep into their story and using them as a gateway to the past. Each episode unpacks a symbol from history — the Statue of Liberty, the Gadsden Flag, Fenway Park, and the Hollywood Sign — familiar items with deep and significant meaning. He both tells the story of and goes beyond each object, using their stories as a portal into the lives of the extraordinary American figures who helped create, shape, and use these objects. This is not simply an examination of our country’s history but the story of us and where we are today.

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