Tower maintenance may affect daytime reception beginning mid-October

Attention NPT viewers: In order to ensure the safety of workers on our broadcast tower next week, our transmitter will operate at low power during daytime hours. Viewers who receive our signal via antenna or satellite may experience reception issues; cable viewers should not be affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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My reception is totally gone day and night.

When is the maintenance expected to be finished.

I have missed all of A Place to Call Home. Other shows I can watch on the web site but there is no recording to watch for that show. And the sporadic reception really messed with the Ken Burns special.

The work on the tower hasn’t begone due to a delay in the crew’s arrival, so there must be another reason for your reception issues. (Also, the work would be done in the daytime and would not affect evening reception.) If you’ve tried the remedies listed in the “Antenna” section here, please call us during business hours at 615-259-9325 and we’ll try to help.

We, too have lost daytime reception just in the past week. We have used an antenna for over a year and reception has been great. Only channels 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 are affected on our tv.

I came to the WNPT website after trying other remedies and was hopeful that I had solved the problem, after reading that poor reception might be due to the tower work. But apparently that work has not started yet, so that is not the solution. During the past week, we have perfect reception from 6 PM and throughout the evening until the morning hours. Today, 10/1/19, reception was perfect until 8:55 AM. Then the TV went black and relayed no signal. It remains that way and I expect it to receive again this evening as it has done for the last several days.

I contacted the station and have left a phone message for the chief engineer. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

We’re sorry to hear about your reception woes. Expect a call about this tomorrow (Weds., Oct. 2) from a member of our engineering staff.

I’m getting intermittent drop outs and pixelation tonight. No change in other channels. Curious if it’s related to the tower maintenance?

Hmm, that is curious. Work on the tower has not started. Once it does, it will take place during the daytime on weekdays, so Monday though Friday, and should not affect evening reception. Have you re-scanned recently? You may need to phone us during regular business hours, weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to speak with someone in engineering. 615-259-9325.

I am getting the same. Antiques Roadshow, and several other recorded shows I have tried to watch are all doing that…pixelation and robot voices.

I too am having reception problems. Intermittent drop out and pixelation problems yesterday and all day today (Monday). I receive the channel through DirectTV.

Please advise.

This was caused by an issue with our transmitter (but not work on the tower) and it was resolved last night. With hope, your reception should be back to normal now. Thanks for your patience.

Looks like our signal is much better today. We are near Lenox Village in the south part of Nashville. Thanks to the hard-working engineering staff at WNPT!

After some disruptions starting on Saturday, our signal seems much stronger this morning. I am located near Lenox Village in south Nashville. Thanks to the hard-working engineering staff at WNPT!

Experiencing problems with my usual perfect signal on 8.1 8.2 8.3 npt. Also lost several other channels. Are you guys working on the tower today?

In general, tower work is done on clear, calm weekdays during daylight and would lead to a weakened (though not necessarily lost) signal. Given that you lost other channels as well, there may be another cause. Have you tried re-scanning or have things improved? If not, give us a call during normal business hours and we’ll see if we can help.

Well, not for a few days. The best advice is to keep re-scanning. And, here’s the rub: If you re-scan at a time when our signal is lower than usual, you might not pick us up. It’s quite a cycle… Hope your reception improves.

Thanks for the info. Channel re-scanning is going to be a way of life for a while until stations that had to change frequencies in October get their facilities moved over to their permanent transmitters/antennas. I am aware that NPT will be moving their frequency from 8 to 7 by 7-3-2020. I don’t know if your tower work is related to that or not.

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