VOCES documentaries highlight Latino culture

Fridays through May 1 we’re showing documentaries from ‎VOCES, Latino Public Broadcasting’s arts and culture series. Each program airs at 9 p.m.


Friday, April 17: Children of Giant returns to Marfa, Texas, where Elizabeth Taylor, ‪‎Rock Hudson‬ and James Dean filmed the movie ‪Giant‬ in 1955. Hector Galán’s documentary reexamines the Anglo/Mexican-American racial tensions in the original movie.


Javier Sicilia in Arizona.   Credit: Courtesy of Loteria Films

Javier Sicilia in Arizona.
Credit: Courtesy of Loteria Films


Friday, April 24: Now en Español introduces the women hired to dub “Desperate Housewives” into Spanish for American audiences. In the documentary, the close-knit group talks about the challenges of being Latina actresses and the frustrations of being just this side of the Hollywood dream. Now en Español is also a look into the fascinating world of dubbing films into other languages.



Friday, May 1: El Poeta profiles Mexican poet, novelist and essayist Javier Sicilia, who launched an international peace movement following the brutal murder of his 24-year-old son. Juan Francisco was killed along with six friends in March 2011; they were more victims in a brutal drug war that has left more than 70,000 people dead since 2006.

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