What will our next ‘American Graduate’ documentary be about?




What will NPT’s third documentary for the “American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen” project be about? That’s up to you because the topic will come from members of the local community.

Jo Ann Scalf, NPT’s Senior Director of Education & Community Engagement, is currently holding community engagement discussions with parent groups, educators and other members of the community to discover their thoughts on education. In the discussions, Scalf asks general and open-ended questions in order to jump-start, but not direct, the conversation.

“People start talking about things they care about” and they began to reveal the challenges and aspirations of trying to educate the community’s children, Scalf said. The sessions—usually with established groups who already hold regular meetings—are confidential and off-the-record.

Producers will use the insight gained from Scalf’s meetings when determining the focus of NPT’s next “American Graduate” documentary. At that point, the process starts again as the producers begin in-depth research on the chosen topic.

Keep watching and reading for details on NPT’s “American Graduate” projects.


JS amgrad photo

East Nashville parents at a January 2015 meeting.

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