You Ought to Know Nashville: Episode 5: Bongo Java and CREMA


In the fifth episode — and final for this first season — of You Ought To Know Nashville, created in partnership with Under The Guise and Nashville Public Television through a grant from PBS Digital, host Heidi Jewell introduces you to two of the city’s finest coffee shops and roasters: Bongo Java, established in 1993 on Belmont Blvd and catering to students, artists and musicians ever since; and CREMA, opened in 2008 on Hermitage Ave in the Rutledge Hill Neighborhood, where it provides a coffee haven for a tech-leaning crowd.

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Heidi Jewell: host and producer
Jeremy Adams: videographer and editor
Zack Wilson: music supervisor, soundtrack
Linda Wei: co-producer
Joe Pagetta: executive producer

Original composed by Zack Wilson and performed by Wilson, Pete Cummings, Brad Cummings and James Grau.

About You Ought To Know Nashville:
You Ought To Know Nashville, presented in partnership with Under the Guise and Nashville Public Television, through a grant from PBS Digital, introduces viewers to the people, places and events that have long been established and revered in Nashville, together with their new and emerging counterparts, all in about five minutes.

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