Comcast Reception Issues

This week, Comcast Cable appears to have shuffled their channel lineup, which has affected NPT reception for some Comcast customers. Subscribers with a Comcast Digital Box are not affected, but those who plug their cable directly into their HD TV and use the TV’s tuner to receive the signal are reporting that they can no longer see NPT when they tune to channel 8 or 240. The solution is to rescan the TV tuner to pick up NPT in HD on channel 98.8, as well as any new channels in the Comcast lineup.

We regret the inconvenience this has caused our viewers watching us on Comcast. NPT was not notified of this change, nor was Comcast’s customer support.

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Thanks for posting this. I went through 4 rounds of calls with them last week because my little girl couldn’t watch Super Why. Of course Comcast was no help at all.

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