A Special Message About Federal Funding from the Presidents of NPT and WPLN

In a joint opinion piece in today’s Tennessean, Beth Curley, president and CEO of  Nashville Public Television (NPT) and Rob Gordon, the president and CEO of WPLN (Nashville Public Radio) make their case for the importance of federal funding for public broadcasting. “Public broadcasting is America’s largest classroom,” they write. “Both public television and public radio are educational and enlightening cultural vehicles for adults on a lifelong quest to understand events and experience art.”

We invite you to read this important opinion at the Tennessean’s website, and consider sharing it with others. Thanks for your continued support of NPT.

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As an educator, I rely on PBS and NPR for excellent educational content that is consistently imaginative and of the highest quality. I feel that PBS and NPR are two of the few resources for my students where they can be exposed to unbiased news reporting and imaginative educational programming. As a consumer, I rely on PBS and NPR for entertainment, information and insight into my community and the world. I called my representatives today and expressed my hopes for confined funding for these essential American institutions. Please take the time to let your voice be heard!

I am writing with concern of the Nashville Public Television. We watch this channel all the time. For the last month, your station has been experience with the sound. It will play for a while, then the sound goes out. This is the only channel we are experiencing problems with.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Wendy Cook

I cannot get sound on your channel. It has been this way all weekend. I get sound on all other channels. Npt is my favorite channel.

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