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The arrival of America’s Test Kitchen host Christopher Kimball and test cook Bridget Lancaster for a Chocolate Tasting in Nashville on February 15, and chocolate-fueled Valentine’s Day before it, has us wondering about Nashville’s chocolate habits. Sure, a city with a great library — and a great public television station for that matter — is a great city. But what really defines a city is how much, and what kind, of chocolate it eats. So we’ve decided to take a little survey of what kind of chocolate Nashville likes, and how often it likes it. So let us know, Nashville! We’re going to gather your responses for two weeks, ending on February 12, and then on Valentine’s Day morning, February 14, we’ll report back right here with the results. Consider it a look at yourself, Nashville … in chocolate!


chocolate bar resultsThanks to all who took our Nashville (In Chocolate!) Survey. We can draw all sorts of conclusions from the results, which we’ve placed below in handy pie charts and Wordle word clouds. Three times as many women than men took our survey, which could have nothing to do with chocolate, and more to do with taking surveys about chocolate. We can’t know. What we do know is that Nashville likes dark chocolate a lot more than milk or white. We interpret this to mean that Nashvillians are a bold people. We like flavor and a little bite in our sweetness.

We eat chocolate whenever we get the chance. Some of us do it once a day, others once a week. More people feel they they don’t eat it enough than admit that they eat it all the time. Most of you were not eating chocolate when you took the survey, although more of you wouldn’t tell us either way. Why so secretive, Nashville?

Nashville’s own Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Company held its own in the favorite brand question, barely edged out by iconic American brands Hershey’s and Ghirardelli. Congrats, Olive and Sinclair. Nashville not only loves you, they love your Mexican Style Cinn-Chili.

Are You a Man or a Woman?

Are You a Man or a Woman

Do You Like Dark, Milk or White Chocolate?

Do you Like Dark, Milk or White

How Often Do You Eat Chocolate?

How Often Do You Eat Chocolate?

What Is Your Favorite Brand and/or Style of Chocolate – Brand (Clicker for Larger Version)

brands wordle

What is Your Favorite Brand and/or Style of Chocolate – Combined (Click for Larger Version)

brands style

Are You Eating Chocolate Right Now?

are you eating chocolate right now?

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