Bike to Work Nashville: The View From My Commute

When I tell people that I often commute to work by bicycle from Brentwood to NPT, I get asked a lot of questions. “Which way do you go?” “Is it safe?” “Are you crazy?” “Are there showers at NPT?” The answers to questions two, three and four are “yes,” “only half,” and “no, but there are wet wipes in my drawer.”

The first question? In celebration of Bike Month, and Bike-to-Work Day in Nashville, this Friday, May 21, 2010, I decided to take a camera along for the ride and create a photo essay of the route. Enjoy!

For more on Bike-to-Work Day, and biking in Nashville, visit Walk/Bike Nashville.

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Good job Joe. I am from Costa Rica in Hermitage. But in 1984, I made my dream come true. Bike across US, Canada & Mexico, I was young & strong. I will like.. NPT be interested in my bicycle trip & trips in Costa Rica too , I have old pictures Juan..

Joe –

I think that if more people in public media understood the power of words and images, along with the space to contemplate what our world looks like we will find that it is the norm of new, creative, and local media. Great work.

Do me a favor…disseminate it. Get onto #pubmedia on Twitter, or send it out to a couple of people. I know I will, but this is the kind of thing that we need to recognize and become aware of is possible. While simple from your perspective, for many people it has not even dawned on them that this possible or beneficial.


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