Updated with Video: Register and Zeppos Go One on One with John Seigenthaler

Dr. Jesse Register

Dr. Nicholas Zeppos

Join us Friday night, June 19, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. for the latest installments of NPT’s recurring public affairs series One on One with John Siegenthaler. In the first half hour, Seigenthaler sits down for a conversation with Nashville’s new Director of Public Schools, Dr. Jesse Register. The two will discuss the state of education in the nation, the effect of No Child Left Behind legislation and the challenges facing Nashville’s public schools.

In the second episode at 7:30 p.m., Seigenthaler interviews Vanderbilt’s eighth Chancellor, Dr. Nicholas Zeppos. The two will discuss Vanderbilt’s future, the state of higher education and the effect of the current economy on the institution.

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1 Comment

Why aren’t classroom teachers ever asked what they think? These
are the people that know what would make the most differences where
they teach. Every single teacher will tell you that the principal sets the
climate for their school. We have many top teachers with wonderful test
scores, love what they do, and have great relationships with their students and their families. They have either found other positions, or are
trying hard, in light of all of the didplaced teachers who must be placed
first, which will leave as soon as they can.The atmosphere is so negative
most teachers who preciously loved their jobs,are needlessly leaving due to a dictatorship. Many complaints have been filed with MNEA. Most by teachers who have never called MNEA during their entire 10-20 years in this system. Words such as control, bully, mean spirited, are what MNEA consistently hears. I could unfortunately go
on and on but I won’t. Why should an entire faculty consisting of wonderful, dedicated teachers be treated so badly by one person ultimately loosing the best quality due to 1person. We have got to
have the freedom to talk to someone who will listen, At this point, most
of the teachers dread each day they must walk into the building. Why
do the comments on the end of year surveys go unread?

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