Healing the Hidden Wounds of Depression in the Military

We as citizens must never forget this: That while we may not wear the uniform, those who do are serving not only the country we call America – but they are also forwarding all of her possibilities in doing so as well.

Those who answer the call as so many of you here have, selflessly sacrificing time with family and friends, putting the safety of your body and the peace of your mind on the line for all of us, deserve more than simply words of thanks. Civilians who reap the rewards of those personal sacrifices must honor those gifts and pay down that debt – if it is ever even possible — with our attention, our respect, but mostly our actions on your behalf.

— Ilona Meagher

Nashville Public Television, the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Tennessee (NAMI), and YMCA/Restore Ministries recently co-hosted a day long symposium at the Scarritt-Bennett Center on depression in the military, titled “Healing the Hidden Wounds.” Two of the days speakers included Rick Scavetta, an army veteran, and Ilona Meagher, author of Moving a Nation to Care. Meagher has photos from the event up on her blog, and well as the complete text of her keynote address.

Photo © Ilona Meagher

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