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History Detectives is beginning production on its sixth season, set to premiere this June, and the producers are eager to hear from you. They want to know about mysterious objects or family legends you’d like the team to investigate.

Contact them if you think you have an object that may have played a staring role, or was just along for the ride, among American history’s newsworthy people, places or events: blackouts or boycotts, inaugurations or integration, pop art or pop culture, Hollywood or the Hindenburg, Joe Frasier or Joe DiMaggio, the Golden Spike or the Golden Gate, and so on! You can submit ANYTHING you can take a picture of: dentures, recipes, clothing, cameras, machinery, quilts, blueprints, baseballs, headdresses, religious artifacts, skeletons, furniture, timepieces, stamps, recordings … you name it!

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Looking for my mothers real father. My mother found out she was adopted when she was 60 years. She turns 63 on 11/3/08 and i would really like to give this to her as a present. I have done a lot of research but all seems to be a dead end. Can anyone help me?

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