Joe Elmore, all-around good guy and host of NPT’s popular long-running magazine show Tennessee Crossroads, can now add “recording artist” to his list of titles. Ken Beck profiled Joe and his new release Gearheads (Volume One) this week in the Tennessean. The CD is collection of classic songs and original compositions about cars — driving them, working on them and just generally loving them — including “Little GTO”, “Mustang Sally” and “Born to be Wild” (Joe is also the host of Spike TV’s Horsepower).

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the disc will go to the Threshold Center in Orlando, Florida, a child-development center that helps children with autism.

“My 12-year-old son, Bobby, who is moderately autistic, goes there,” Elmore tells Beck. “They are building a medical facility and have a residential center in place. I was really blown away by how dedicated these people are to helping these kids.”

There’s a song clip at the Tennessean.

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hey Joe, my name is Austin and i was woundering if i could get your e-mail adress or a way to contact you to ask you a question about the shoe horespower. thanks, austin

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