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Nonstop Children’s Programming on NPT3 PBS Kids!

Published on June 27, 2017 By MiChelle Jones

Nonstop children’s programming is coming to NPT and it’s all free! NPT3 PBS Kids, our third broadcast channel, will launch Friday, June 30, 2017 and will be dedicated to providing quality educational programming from PBS Kids. The channel will be available over-the-air at 8.3 immediately and on Comcast 242 as of July 27, 2017. To […]

Maintenance on NPT’s Broadcast Tower

Published on September 22, 2016 By MiChelle Jones

NPT’s broadcast tower is currently undergoing structural maintenance. NPT will be unavailable to some viewers during this time. Viewers who watch NPT using an antenna and subscribers to Dish Network, DirecTV and some smaller cable companies will be affected. AT&T Uverse and Comcast subscribers should not be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you […]

Comcast Reception Issues

Published on May 13, 2011 By Joe Pagetta

This week, Comcast Cable appears to have shuffled their channel lineup, which has affected NPT reception for some Comcast customers. Subscribers with a Comcast Digital Box are not affected, but those who plug their cable directly into their HD TV and use the TV’s tuner to receive the signal are reporting that they can no […]

New Comcast Aspect Ratio

Published on March 4, 2009 By Joe Pagetta

If you’re watching NPT on analog cable on a 4:3 aspect ratio set, you may notice that NPT looks slightly different than it did a month ago, when letterboxed images were being cropped by the provider to fit your set. Now you’re getting a slightly cropped, slightly letterboxed version that is a compromise between the […]