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American Masters: Billie Jean King / Obama Address Schedule Change 9/10

Published on September 10, 2013 By Joe Pagetta

President Obama is scheduled to address the nation tonight at 9PM EST/8pm CST, which will very likely disrupt the 90-minute American Masters: Billie Jean King broadcast on NPT that begins at 7pm CST. To accommodate those that wish to see this highly anticipated American Masters documentary in its entirety, we have a few viewing options. […]

Time and Newsweek On 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

Published on June 8, 2009 By Joe Pagetta

As Sesame Street celebrates its 40th Anniversary, Time Magazine wonders whether President Barack Obama is our first president from Sesame Street. “The President is every bit as much a product of the show, but it’s not just his age and mastery of the alphabet that make Obama the first Sesame Street President,” writes Nancy Gibbs […]