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New holiday shows: ‘Tennessee Crossroads,’ ‘Call the Midwife’ & more on NPT

Published on December 14, 2018 By MiChelle Jones

Need a little Christmas? We’ve got plenty this month with a sleigh full of holiday episodes, music specials and cooking/entertaining shows. Joe Elmore and the Tennessee Crossroads crew put together a collection of an hour-long Tennessee Crossroads Christmas Special, premiering Thursday, Dec. 20, at 7 p.m. Tune in for nine holiday-themed stories including Chad’s Winter […]

There Goes the Sun: The Aug. 21 Eclipse via Tennessee Crossroads, NOVA & PBS Kids

Published on August 1, 2017 By MiChelle Jones

Cue appropriate celestial soundtrack… On Aug. 21, 2017, millions of people across the country will cast their eyes skyward to observe the total solar eclipse. The lunar shadow will be 73 miles wide and will take a little more than 90 minutes to travel from Oregon to South Carolina, crossing 13 states en route. Nashville […]

NPT Produces New ‘Champions’ Spots for American Graduate Day, Sept. 17

Published on September 8, 2016 By MiChelle Jones

The fifth annual American Graduate Day is Saturday, Sept. 17, and will feature a live block of programming hosted by journalist Soledad O’Brien with news segments, performances, interviews and mini-documentaries. NPT is an active participant in the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen public media initiative and as such regularly creates documentaries and short video […]

Programming Marks Astronaut’s Return to Earth

Published on March 1, 2016 By MiChelle Jones

On March 27, 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly began an unprecedented year-long mission aboard the International Space Station. In honor of Cdr. Kelly’s return to Earth, we’re airing a series of space programs over the next two days. Here’s our mission plan: Tonight at 8 p.m.: Space Men: American Experience reveals the Air Force program known […]

Programming Marks 70th Anniversary of the Atomic Age

Published on July 17, 2015 By MiChelle Jones

Seventy years ago this July, the U.S. carried out its first tests of the atomic bomb and in August 1945, the weapon was used against Japan. This summer PBS is airing The Bomb and Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail, two new documentaries to mark the anniversary of the dawn of the Atomic Age. This […]

Media Update: Crossroads Meets NOVA on `Tennessee Explorers`

Published on July 5, 2012 By Joe Pagetta

Tennessee’s history began with exploration, and that same adventurous spirit lives on today. World class explorers across our state are doing amazing research in many different types of science — creating new technologies and mentoring the next generation of explorers. Premiering tonight, July 5 at 8:00 p.m., Tennessee Explorers looks inside the brilliant minds leading […]

NOVA and Mark Twain on the Riddles of the Sphinx

Published on January 12, 2010 By Joe Pagetta

On Tuesday, January 19 at 7:00 p.m. on NPT-Channel 8 and PBS stations nationwide, NOVA turns its scientific eye toward “The Riddles of the Sphinx.” For 45 centuries, the Great Sphinx, the biggest and oldest statue in a land of colossal ancient monuments, has lorded over Egypt’s Giza plateau. Its scale is staggering: the mighty […]

Searching for Your Father in a Parallel World

Published on October 20, 2008 By Joe Pagetta

It’s all “Television Worth Watching” of course, but every now and then I feel the need to kick a show up into the “Television You Must Watch” category. Such is the case with Tuesday night’s (10/23) NOVA episode “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives,” airing on NPT at 7:00 p.m. The episode follows Mark Oliver Everett, better […]

Bang! NOVA Explores Fireworks Tonight

Published on July 1, 2008 By Joe Pagetta

Remember that scene towards the end of the Clark Gable and Sophia Loren film It Started in Naples when Gable’s character (Michael Hamilton) and Marietto Angeletti‘s character (Nando)shoot off all those fireworks on the pier in Capri? Angeletti’s character Nando is just a young boy, and you’re thinking, “that doesn’t look too safe for the […]


Published on November 12, 2007 By Joe Pagetta

In 2004, the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania ordered the town’s science teachers to read a statement to high school biology students suggesting that there is an alternative to Darwin’s theory of evolution called intelligent design—the idea that life is too complex to have evolved naturally and therefore must have been designed by an intelligent […]