Tour de France

Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra’s free winter program, Tour de France, is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It begins with Gershwin’s American in Paris, evoking the sights and energy of the 1920s Paris. French composers of the 20th century respond with the ‘spiky and humorous’ Gloria with chorus and soprano by Poulenc. Rounding out the tour is France’s most accessible impressionistic composer Claude Debussy’s evocation of the sea, La Mer.

In 2004, Nashville musicians led by then Assistant Conductor of the Nashville Symphony, Kelly Corcoran, identified a need for amateur and professional musicians to have an opportunity to play the great symphonic masterworks. At the same time, they regretted that the symphonic music they loved so much was then targeted to only certain areas of Nashville, and often at a hefty price. Thus was formed the Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra, offering free high quality performances of symphonic repertoire to audiences in their own neighborhoods.

Under the leadership of Artistic Director and Conductor Chris Norton, the all-volunteer NPO performs four free series of concerts in eight venues across Nashville each year. By doing so, they hope to remove common barriers to enjoying classical music.

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