Public Art Collection

The Public Art Collection comprises more than 100 permanent art installations throughout Nashville and Davidson County. The art is located in libraries, parks, community centers and other everyday accessible public spaces. Since 2000, the projects have been funded by an ordinance requiring that 1% of Nashville’s annual construction budget be allocated to commissioning, collecting and displaying public art around Davidson County. The art installations vary in size and media. Large-scale pieces make up the centerpieces of parks and roundabouts, while other pieces are more understated and utilitarian – bike racks and bus stops, for example. Notable pieces in the Public Art Collection include “Ghost Ballet” on the east bank of Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, “Reflection” in Shelby Park, and “Witness Walls” located at the Historic Metro Nashville Courthouse. “Public art creates an opportunity for every single Nashvillian to engage in a creative life,” says Van Maravelli, Metro’s Public Art Manager. “It becomes part of our everyday lives in a way that’s really subtle, but impactful, too.” The Public Art Collection is cataloged on the Metro Arts Website, with pictures, maps, and information about the artists who created the work. If you would like to see more about the Public Art Collection, visit Metro Art’s website.