Nashville Lending Library

The Nashville Lending Library program allows library patrons to check out artwork for their homes just as they would a book. Born from a partnership between Metro Arts and the Nashville Public Library, the program aims to benefit local artists and expand public access to fine art. Spread across two library branches, the collection incliudes 60 pieces of art by Nashville artists. Library patrons are then able to view what is on display, pick their favorite piece, and check it out for three months at a time. This program is special because it allows everyone to have access to fine art. Not only is it possible to view the pieces for free in a library branch, but checking them out is as simple as swiping a library card. “Libraries have always been about providing access to resources that the people in our community might not have access to.” says Lindsey Patrick-Wright, Southeast Branch regional manager. “Having this Art Lending Library as part of our collection really is just a natural progression of the core value of libraries because it is providing access to something that may be out of reach.”

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