Hearts of our people: native Women Artists


Women have long been the creative force behind Native American art. Hearts of Our People is the first exhibition devoted to their work. This extensive project features works by artists in the United States and Canada, ranging from ancient times to the present day. Hearts of Our People is meant to be a tribute to all Native women artists, their families and their nations, past and present.

Why do Native women make art? The exhibition responds to this question via three core themes: Legacy; Relationships; and Power. Legacy examines how Native women artists acknowledge their lineage through works that symbolize the experience of previous generations, address the present, and also speak to the future. Relationships explores entities beyond the human world, including animals and nature. Power encompasses works created for diplomacy and influence, and works of self-empowerment or to empower others.

Native Americans are not a single monolithic group; each tribe, nation, or community has its own unique culture, history, and present moment. Viewers may notice similarities across cultures and communities, but there are also obvious differences. Perhaps most important, each Native artist – like artists the world over – brings her own life experience, skill, and individual style to her art.

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