Composer Lab

Nashville Symphony’s Composer Lab is a workshop for young composers to receive guidance from orchestral professionals and hear their music performed live by the Nashville symphony.

The premiere of a new composer is exciting because everyone interprets music in a unique way. One person’s definition of a melody or rhythmic groove may be different than someone else’s. Composer Lab offers an opportunity for up-and-coming composers to share their musical interpretations with the public and learn more about the music business in the process.

Over the course of six weeks, five young composers take part in a comprehensive bootcamp led by Nashville Symphony music director Giancarlo Guerrero and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis. The program’s mission is two-fold: It seeks to discover the next generation of outstanding composers and to provide them the hands-on experience needed to succeed in a major American orchestra. Composer Lab culminates in a live performance that is open to the public. Tickets are free, RSVP required.

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