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(Storytellers) An Iraqi Refugee Comes to America

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In this story, meet Hayder Abduljabbar and his family, who recently arrived in Nashville from Iraq. With the help of his case worker, Hayder goes shopping for essentials and explains his feelings about settling in America so far.

(Storytellers) Women, War, and Peace screening with Abigail Disney

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NPT is starting another exciting project around the 5-part PBS series Women, War, and Peace.  We’ll be holding screenings in the next several weeks, and we’re also having some female storytellers do stories on Nashville women who have experienced war.  Our first event is tomorrow with the series producer, Abigail Disney.  We’ll screen clips from the series and also debut three new storyteller videos on the topic.  So come on out tomorrow afternoon, and look out for new Nashville Women, War and Peace stories on this blog very soon!


(Storytellers) NPT Starts Not in Our Town Initiative

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NPT is pursuing a new project this month called Not in Our Town, a series and movement to stop hate and highlight towns that are trying to create more inclusive communities. As part of this initiative, we’re holding community events and screenings around Nashville between 9/11-9/21 and calling these the 10 Days of Peace. You can find out about the various events that have taken place and are going to take place at the website

We’ve decided to add a new layer to our Storytellers project. Our storytellers are going to be doing additional stories on the theme of Not in Our Town, including covering some of the 10 Days of Peace events.

Here’s a video that a few of our Somali storytellers produced a few months ago that reflect this theme greatly: hundreds of Nashvillians gathering at Legislative Plaza to protest a bill that many believe would single out Muslims in Tennessee:

Refugee Elders Experience

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In this story, meet various refugees in Nashville participating in Catholic Charities’ Refugee Elders Program. This program provides resources, such as citizenship and English language training, to new arrivals. Nejat Derakshani, a refugee from Iran, discusses fleeing persecution from his country and the many opportunities he is finding in his new home.